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Our first article was written on Nintendo Switch, and it is still the most popular and watched. At the time, no one had any information about the Switch, so we created our website to share what we knew and what other gamers needed to know about it. We are a gaming site for gamers who play video games.

We started in 2021 when I purchased my first console, PlayStation 3. I spent many hours reading gaming guides and playing games. From there, we've grown into what we are now- a team of dedicated writers who love bringing you up-to-date news about upcoming releases in digital game consoles such as Switch, PS5, Xbox, PC, and more! As a result of my passion for video gaming, I decided to start writing articles about upcoming games to share my ideas with others who might have similar interests or experiences with my own life experiences.

Our industry experts have been part of developing titles such as Destiny, Assassin's Creed, Witcher 3, and more. Regularly scheduled game releases will keep your house gaming 24/7! We bring you the latest news about upcoming games and gaming guides.
Who doesn't love playing games? Why not make it a hobby you can also share with others? With our knowledge in game development and marketing, we have been able to help developers reach their goals with their next big release.


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