Moral Range and Flags in WO Long: Fallen Dynasty Explained - Master Combat Tactics to Win!

There are many ways to make sure you are fighting in a game like TO Long: Fallen Dynasty. You can master the combat system or keep your health green using healing elements. However, there is a more way that can be crucial in your search for glory. In this guide, we will review what is the range of morals and how the battle and marked flags are important in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty.

What is the moral range in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Answered All enemies, as well as your character, will have a moral range in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty. This is an element of growth that is used during missions to determine the challenge when you face enemies beyond your statistics and level. The higher, the less damage the enemies' player receives and the more battle elements are available. Image Source: Goa Team through The moral range increases up to a maximum of 25 and can be increased by defeating enemies, making martial arts attacks, spiritual attacks and, of course, fatal attacks. When you meet enemies, check out its moral range. The higher they are compared to yours, the greater the damage they will do. However, if you can defeat them, you will get more moral points and more rare objects. Every time you die, your moral range will fall, and the enemy that killed you receive an impulse, making it more difficult next time.

Battle flags and marked in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty

The solution to that is your strength range. This is basically the base level of the moral range to which you can go down every time you fall into battle. This is determined upon reaching the battle flags and marked along a level, with the maximum number of flags shown in the upper right corner next to the radar. Image Source: Goa Team through Upon reaching a battle flag, its range of strength will increase, it will recover and establish it as its new control point. If you interact with the battle flag to level up, all enemies will reappear previously. The smallest marking flags, on the other hand, do not provide the levels of level up and prepare for battle, cure you and also increase your strength range.


They are hidden around the levels, and you will have to hunt them. In general, when reaching all the battle and marked flags, it will increase its range of strength to 20, which means that it will be quite close to the maximum of 25 for the moral range, even if it dies. Be sure to look for these flags if you hope to always be in full form. Now that everyone is trapped in what the moral range is and how the battle and marked flags are important in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty, you can leave with more fervor. To get more help on the game, be sure to consult our other guides below, or look for to get more information. Related Posts Companions and oath levels in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty, explained Martial arts, sorcery and spirit meter in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty, explained TO Long: Fallen Dynasty Review-Romance is truly alive in the three kingdoms TO Long Free: Fallen Dynasty Loot to complete the new demonstration The new TO Long trailer: Fallen Dynasty presents a story of conscious and conspiracies full of demons