VfB Stuttgart's Relegation Fight: An Analysis By Head Coach Labbadia

For Waldemar Anton, the 0-2 against Welder Bremen was simply not a good video game, as the protector at DAZN stated. Both teams have actually been challenging, and we lost the turning points, said the 26-year-old and agreed with his coach Bruno Lambada, who plainly spoke to his own weaknesses. CFB entered into play, the coach stressed, at the exact same time discussing how the Swabian game ranked. We did a lot of right, but of course the last pass, the precision was missing out on. We do not have the accuracy in the last 25 meters, we understand. This is not a new finding, but something like that can do not alter so rapidly.

You do not always satisfy it that way.

Bruno Lambada to 1-0 by Jens Phase In addition to their own shortcomings, the Swabians also did not have the essential happiness. So Lambada pointed out that Jens Stage pointed the ball simply prior to 1-0 over the tension-and one could therefore not mention purpose on the Bremen lead. You do not constantly meet it that method. The exceptional 2-0 by Marvin Duck sch was no coincidence, according to Lambada. That was wanted, understood the CFB coach, however also limited that you don't always do such a shot.


The bottom line was a bitter afternoon because it was a game that we could have won. The 56-year-old also described the two big possibilities quickly prior to the half-time whistle, which Chris Leaders (45. +1) and Luca Pfeiffer (45. +2) had awarded. Shortly before half-time we can score two goals, stressed Lambada, adding: After the break we come out well again, have the video game in the grip and wars 2 Sunday shots. We lacked the ways to get once again. For Anton it was clear that you hadn't scored a goal, even if you had played another 90 minutes. We have a lot of chance and make to couple of goals out of it, required and said the defense man: We need to consistently work on our mistakes, much better in the degrees and do not deal with the path.

However, this course will not be simpler, as Lambada knows: We are dealing with a tough relegation fight. We need to remain consistent and gladly work out.