The Day Before: An In-Depth Look At The New Zombie Survival Gameplay

After the developers were exposed to numerous rip-off accusations, specifically after the current shift due to allegedly missing trademark rights, the gameplay video ought to now prove that The Day Before really exists. For this, the developers even published a 2nd video in which an employee was shot while playing.

A little later than prepared, designer Fantastic has actually now published an initially, in-depth gameplay video for The Day Prior to. This does not come throughout too much love.

The Day Before: Gameplay video with empty streets and a couple of zombies

The gameplay video, nearly 10 minutes wish for the second, primarily shows 2 players who move through a mainly empty game world. The streets and the surrounding area offer a photo of a city that was rushed after the post-apocalypse, but there are only a few traces of the dangerous zombies.

Absolutely that The Day Prior to was among the most crowded games up until recently, and disillusionment spreads in the talk about YouTube and on socials media. The gameplay product shown is often referred to as walking simulator and the previous graphics quality that the video game had until the very end in the Nvidia trailer is not obvious to lots of.

In addition to the rather aimless, the developers check off all the elements that are anticipated from a survival video game of this kind: vacant structures are looked for resources, weapons can be adapted with different accessories and obviously a couple of zombies are likewise shot.


They do not leave a too hazardous impression and are also already done with just a couple of shots.

Short video should prove authenticity

In addition, there are still speculation in a variety of comments whether The Day Before is still not a scam attempt regardless of the video. After all, you would not see straight in the gameplay video that it was in fact played. The developers of Fantastic have an answer on this and released a second video.

In a 40-second clip, the group demonstrates how someone apparently truly plays The Day Before. Another gamer character can also be seen, which is why it is not 1: 1 the product from the gameplay demo. Numerous gamers remain hesitant:

The designers still have a little time up until the release to continue working on The Day Prior to. After the survival game ought to have appeared in March, the publication is now to occur in early November 2023.

Last existing video: gameplay reveal


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