Scandal: Podcaster Accused of Advertising Sexual Enhancer on Amazon with AI Video

A podcaster allegedly advertises a sexual enhancer on Amazon. The nasty on it: behind the video there is an AI and not the podcaster itself. Numerous spectators are stunned. Our cover picture originates from YouTube. The popular and questionable Podcaster Joe Rogan went over libido preparations for men, specifically a brand name called Alpha Grind on Disaster Joe Rogan. Rogan discusses the benefit of the product and discusses that it is listed as one of the very popular products on Amazon. He states in the video:

If you get in the Libido Booster for Men at Amazon, you will discover it at the top. Since the men discovered that it literally enlarges the size and makes a difference there. Here you can watch the video: How are the reactions? Shocked and sometimes really terrified. Many are shaken that the imitation stream, a so-called deep pap, can barely be differentiated from the genuine banner.


And that might be a big problem and an obstacle in the future:

AI copies the podcaster and this is not a one

What's so difficult about that? The big issue with this is: Joe Rogan never spoke the business for the strength and has probably not consented to market the product discussed. According to different statements, there is synthetic intelligence that has phonied his appearance and voice. And that's not an isolated case.

In the meantime there are numerous attempts to mimic known people. This even presumes that an AI even did a comedy series on Twitch, even if it has now been prohibited since of doubtful statements. The widely known banner Mongol also had the enjoyment of being copied by an AI. And it is rather amazed with what expert system is now efficient in. This was an amusing story and no advertising:


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