How to Survive with Kelvin in Sons of the Forest - Tips for Relieving Difficult Situations

Surviving a difficult situation will always be more difficult on your own, but fortunately, in Sons of the Forest, the partner known as Kelvin accompanies you. Your surviving partner can be a real asset, either gathering resources or helping with other tasks, but it is not indestructible. There are many possibilities for your friend to find your end before expected, so for those looking for answers about how to revive kelvin in Sons of the Forestdéjanos to help.

reviving Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

Unfortunately, you will not be able to recover Kelvin in Sons of the Forest in the game itself if you find a premature death. However, thanks to the magic of editing game files, you can relive Kelvin as if he had never left. Be sure to keep back your files in case you make an error, since modifying the files can cause blockages and errors if you are not careful. This is what you will have to do: Locate your saved files of the Forest. As a predetermined location, it must be located in AppdatalocalLowendnightSoSoftheforestsaves. Next, look for the Gamestatesavedata.Jason and Able file with the notes. Within the file, look for the Isrobbydead line: True and change it to Isrobbydead : false. Save the file. Your next step is to search and open Save data. Jon using the notes. Look for Typed: 9″.


Below, you will find the State value: 6, which must be changed to State: 2. After that, look for health: 0.0 and change it to health : 100.0″. Save the file. Start the game and welcome Kelvin. In addition to Kelvin, Sons of the Forest also includes another partner in the form of Virginia. Similarly, you can use the same method to bring it back if it dies, but instead of Typed : 9, you must look for Typed: 10 instead.

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