Explore the Map in Son of the Forest and Find Necessary Objects for Survival

In the Child of the Woodland you must discover the map to find various caves, passages and also the required objects that can be utilized for survival.


The solution trick is among these things, and you will locate this thing in an underground shelter. Naturally, you need to know where to locate this shelter and how to enter it. This is where to discover the solution type in Boys of the Forest

Exactly how to locate a solution key card in Children of the Woodland.

The service card is concealed in the below ground bunker. Nevertheless, the entrance to this shelter is not noticeable, and also you will certainly need to explore this location to discover the door leading down. To do this, you initially require constructing a shovel in one of the give in Children of the Woodland. After buying a shovel, you require heading to the location shown in the photo over. Examine the arrowhead as well as circle on general practitioner to see the exact area of this area. This location is indicated by an eco-friendly badge on the map, as well as you will see that this is really an area of excavation. Currently stand in front of a white maker and also begin digging the ground.

After some time, you will see a door that appears on the ground, which leads to the shelter of the maintenance of A. Drop to the shelter as well as enter the first space on the appropriate side of the corridor. In this space you will certainly discover a 3D printer, as well as the crucial card of solution exists to the left of it. Consider the image above to see its area.

What to do with the solution secret on Kids of the Woodland?

The service secret is a crucial product that opens numerous spaces for you on the map. You will certainly require a solution key card to open up some doors in the bunker if you desire to obtain a tool like Katina or power saw. Wish to know exactly how to check out the shovel cave in Children of the Woodland? Figure out how to get a riser in the Boy of the Forest and also exactly how to get a rope and also a rope gun in the Son of the Woodland in expert game standards.


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