Dualsense Edge works on PC? Explained

Sony's new Dual sense controller serves as the jump from the editor to the world of Premium controllers, acting as competition for the Xbox controller series. It has rear palettes, totally reallocate buttons and many more customization options for players to play.

While it will be excellent for your PlayStation 5, some may wonder if the controller can be used to play on a PC. Here is everything we know about whether Dual sense Edge works on PC.

How to use Dual sense Edge on PC

The good news here is yes, Dual sense edge tea is compatible with the PC. This should not be a big surprise since the traditional dual sense works on PC, but it is good to know independently. Like the traditional controller, Dual sense Edge can be used on a PC via Bluetooth or connecting a USB-C cable.


That said, PC games services could take a bit to solve some errors with the new controller. While its PC can recognize it as a dual sense Edge, Steam currently only recognizes it as a normal dual sense. In addition, it does not seem that players can trace the new rear palettes of the controller yet. Hopefully, Sony (or Steam) will offer players some type of reallocation capacity for the new Edge dual sense buttons. That is all we know about whether Dual sense Edge works on PC. If you are looking to laugh at all your news from Dual sense Edge, see the article on the best reactions of $200 by Dual sense Edge (no, that price is not a typographic error). Related Posts The new Dual sense Limited Edition PlayStation controller adopts the magic of Hogwarts's legacy The video of the Callisto protocol has to do with the atmosphere, the tension, dual sense, the apprehension engine and more The best Internet reactions at the price of Dual sense Edge Comparison and contrast of PS5 Dual sense Edge vs Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 Dual sense Edge Controller for PS5 has a release date, and it will not be cheap