Bayer Leverkusen's Catch-Up Ends As Augsburg Celebrates Top Attacker - A Look At The Frustrating

ABI Alonso had visibly nibbled on the next damper at the Leverkusen chase, which was very first completed. We have to continue, there are still lots of points, stated the former world and European champion after the 0-1 in the Bundesliga at FC Augsburg and had a hard time to the front. Merged Bertha cheered the FCA about the 2nd victory in the 4th difficult video game of the year and was the center forward that Bayer Leverkusen is currently missing out on. After 5 success, 2 beats are in the Bayer balance in two games at the start of the 2nd half of the season.


Bayer missing out on stylish

The return of the Czech Patrick Schick continued to be delayed by the Rhineland's, which were eventually too harmless against FC Augsburg on the offensive. Patrick feels much better, however is not yet entirely healthy, stated previous Bavaria expert Alonso. The Czech, with 24 goals in the Bundesliga with 24 goals in the previous year, has actually not played a competitive video game since November 1st. The work self would do extremely well, since he brings the particular rip-off that goalkeeper Lukas Radetzky missed after the look in Augsburg. On the offensive, the look was a bit imaginative, the goalkeeper stated.

Router will quickly see Bertha in the DFB team

The Augsburg, on the other hand, presented themselves ice-cold, who concerned the winning goal through the Bertha, which was totally free after a corner.

He in fact reveals that he has impressive skills in package, stated coach Enrico Masses, who particularly praised the defensive work of the U21 European champ. And exceptional: Bertha scored the 1-0 in an Augsburg home game for the fifth time. I believe there are little better nine that we have in Germany, said Masses. Manager Stefan Router reported that Flick Assistant coach Marcus Song was on website at the damp and cold video game on Friday evening. It is entirely typical for him to be in sight someplace, said the 1990 world champion. He has amazing qualities in front of the goal. Does that also see Hansi Flick? Router licensed his in the four video games against Dortmund (3: 4), Mönchengladbach (1: 0), Freiburg (1: 3) and Leverkusen, persuading group a really mature performance. In front of the jobs that are now approaching versus lesser-occupied groups at very first glance, Router guaranteed: We will leave our foot even more on the gas.


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