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Pixel Piece in Roblox is a pirate adventure inspired by One Piece, but with a unique turn. This is a pixel world. As in other One Piece games, you collect devilish fruits to get various abilities used in battle. Fruits can give random ability of different rarities and include several attacks and abilities. We made our own list, ranking fruits in levels depending on how useful and rare they are.


Look below to determine what fruits you should concentrate on.

What is the best fruit in Pixel Piece?

At the moment, the best fruit in Pixel Piece is Higher fruits. This is a devilish fruit of mythical rarity with seven various abilities: ice hawk, ice spears, ice hammer, ice clatter, frozen time, absolute clatter and ice. This fruit is considered one of the best due to its extensive list of abilities and the range of various attacks and damage that it can cause. You can freeze enemies in their way or quickly ride a map. These abilities are useful for almost any collision, and are also the most expensive devilish fruit for purchase.

Leveling Fruit Pixel Piece fruits

This is our list of fruit levels from S-Ural to the C-Ural, ranked from what we consider the most valuable and powerful fruits, to the least useful fruits. Useful fruits are evaluated depending on how many abilities they offer, what damage they cause or how difficult it is to get them. Those that are at the level of s are one of the best devilish fruits that you can collect in the game, and the most valuable. This list of levels is based on our own opinion, but they can be evaluated in different ways, depending on different opinions or experience of each player. This list may change in the future if more fruits are added to the game, so follow further updates and let us know your favorite fruits in the comments below.

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