The Xbox Community Survey: Which Upcoming Exclusive Game Has Fans The Most Excited?

Prior to the today's occasion, on the Xbox and Bethesda, video games like Fora Motorsport or Red fall, to name a few things, we asked the Gamer neighborhood in a study which Xbox exclusive video game she is fevered the many. A little remarkably, The Senior Scrolls 6 just made it to 3rd place and was beaten by another Bethesda video game. You are the most delighted about the result on these ten Xbox Exclusive: 1. Star field (27%). 2. Light blade 2 (11%). 3. The Senior Scrolls 6 (11%). 4. Fora Motorsport (10%).


  1. Stalker 2 (10%).
  2. Myth (10%).
  3. Indiana Jones (7%).
  4. Age of Empires (console) (3%).
  5. Perfect Dark (3%).
  6. State of Decay 3 (2%). Overall ballot: Since today, 4,344 Gamer users participated in our survey and talked about their choice vigorously.

At this moment as soon as a more huge thank you for your vibrant participation.

Star field is clear your Xbox-Most Desired.

With an overall of 1,170 votes, Star field had the ability to dominate in front of Hell blade 2 (476 votes) and The Senior Scrolls 6 (474 votes) already pointed out. In the back locations, the Every, albums, aloud with severe problems during the development, is dynamic with extreme problems, Obsidian's new role-playing video game The Outer Worlds 2 and somewhat surprisingly the game of the Dishonored makers from Arcane, which will be released on May 2. There was a new gameplay trailer for the vampire game throughout the Xbox event:. A couple of days ago we also asked you which PlayStation-Exclusive you are currently eagerly anticipating. We have summarized the result here:. 9 1. Viewpoint poll. You eagerly anticipate this PlayStation game most.

voices from the Gamer neighborhood.

The buzz prospers: Community member Judge-Dredd is now eagerly anticipating Star field and composes: Plainly Star field. I have now also surrendered to hype. Considering that I have confidence in Bethesda, Star field can become my game of the year.. Our mod Stonking is likewise the most anticipating the Bethesda-RPG and writes: I voted for Star field, however I would have preferred to take a number of. Indie, Fable, Fora, Perfect Dark, Stalker, hell blade and red fall are likewise high with me. The Elder Scrolls 6 is still too far: Your remarks likewise make it clear why the Skyrim follower did not land at the top of your Most Wanted list. This is how Backslash writes: My favorite of it would be the Senior Scrolls 6. Nevertheless, I do not even understand whether this will seem this gene at all, not to point out 2023.. Carrillo also replies: Star field is number 1 due to the fact that it simply comes so quickly, but Te's VI will obviously be a larger thing..

Yours and our Most Wanted 2023.

Nevertheless, since of course not just Xbox Exclusives appear this year, we asked you for all consoles at the start of the year for your Many Desired. On the other hand, if you wish to know which games the Gamer editor is most delighted about, you can learn more on the link. Is Red fall still up until now back in your favor after the display or has the brand-new trailer changed your opinion?


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