Valorant: most anticipated patch of all will ing nerfs to Chamber, possible return from split and more

After two weeks without officially announced a patch, Valorant prepares important changes in it with news that we can see on Friday on Riot's own test server: BE.

According to Jeff Land, the game's community director published, the four major news that Riot Games FPS will ing soon:

  • Camera adjustments (predictable weakening);
  • New information about the map rotation mode;
  • Smurf account report system;
  • Investigation of a superstition of Valorant

a nerf that the community has been asking for months

Chamber needed an active or passive nerf, especially because his main competitors, in terms of a percentage of victory in competitive games, were quite weakened. The community has received these changes with open arms, and feels that their prayers were finally heard.

But what are the nerfs? This Thursday (1) Riot Games released the changes to Chamber:

headhunter (q)

  • Updated stability curve
  • Increased dispersion after the second bullet when it continuously fired. This explicitly aims to reduce excessive use of body shots with low precision as an effective measure of combat.

Rendezvous (e)

  • Now, Chamber positions a single anchor to which it can be teleported while in its reach.
  • Radius increased 15 m >>> 26 m.
  • Height restriction of the activation of the removed teleport. You can teleport to the anchor while at a different height as long as it is inside its radius.
  • Time to equip increased weapon after teleport 0.4s >>> 0.7s. Headhunter is not affected by this change.
  • Now, destroying Rendezvous's teleport anchor disabled for the rest of the round instead of starting a recharge time. Chamber does not start an extra recharge time when removing his anchor after teleporting.

Registered and (C)

  • The range of the trap is now limited. Mark is deactivated when Chamber leaves the range and reactivated area when it is inside, like Killjoy's alarmist.
  • It can now be removed in the middle of the round. It does not require line of view for this.
  • 30s of recharge time when removing. The destruction remains permanent.
  • Initial time to arm increased by 2s >> 4s.
  • Increased life 1 >> 20.

Tour de Force (x)

  • Reduced shooting cadence by 57.5%.

In addition to these changes, the slowness caused by C and X was reduced from 6s to 4s.


Map rotation: Another big problem that Riot wants to solve

From time to time, Riot always puts an update to improve the map algorithm, but they can't find the key to it; Often you play two or three consecutive maps.

It is possible that the developer is analyzing the possibility of adding maps. For more information, however, we will have to wait for the update to the test server to arrive that is expected to happen this weekend.