Tropico 6: New Frontiers DLC coming to consoles

In the construction game Tropics 6, players with the new DLC New Frontiers also use the stars on consoles. They can generate power and assign tasks for their citizens with it.

Today totalitarians and those who still wish to become the stars are gripping, because the New Frontiers DLC for Tropics 6 is now readily available for consoles. Calypso Media publishes the new game developed by Realm forge Studios for currently 13.49 rather of 14.99 euros in the Microsoft Shop.


Players develop a brand name new spaceport complex in New Frontiers, develop brand-new buildings and research El President so that it likewise works with the popular primary step on the moon. Put 5 challenging objectives of the space project, learn more about four new characters and even start a mission to Mars. The base game of Tropics 6 can be had fun with the Xbox Video Game Pass.