Starfield: What Can We Expect From The Game?

Although it still does not start, every day we have more details about Star field that ratify the impression that it will be one of the clear candidates for Got 2023. A few weeks ago we knew how weapons work in space and reviewed 10 unexpected details of the play. Now, Will Shen, responsible for secondary missions, h participated in a questions and answers in which he h wet and gave even more information about the role of the earth in the game, on the different factions of the same and about the system of colleagues. Shen confirms, for example, that the game will allow us to travel back to the solar system, and more specifically to planet Earth, which we can visit and see how it h aged and how it is in the future. The designer says that in Star field to Earth it is known The Old Neighborhood (the old neighborhood) and that one of the mysteries will be to discover what happened to him, why he is he is. We will also visit Mars and one of the first settlements that humanity created when it began to explore the space. This is called Sonia and is a huge city with all kinds of people and secondary missions. for the features, Shen sees the game more like Skyrim than Fallout in the sense that there will be no factions faced. And even if they are, we will not affect us. We can join all in the same game and complete their respective branches of missions. Entering a group will not block any other, although it will obviously have to play several games if we want to know the consequences of each decision. The designer says that we will change the future of each group with our choices and that we will not end up being the bosses of them necessarily. In any ce, content will never be blocked, something that did happen in some Fallout deliveries.

that others make decisions for us

Finally, Shen h spoken about the companion system. Each one h his personality, his way of behaving and thinking, pinioning on the decisions we make and sympathizing with them or rejecting us. Star field even includes an option for colleagues to speak for you, leaving in the hands of being the solution of the various conflicts we find. Will we be able to trust them? Will they surprise us with your decisions? Apart from that, the expected. They will follow us in combat, we can exchange objects with them and will be part of the crew of our ship.


What more could you want?