Multiversus: A Competitive Game That Is the Next Big Thing

Did you know that the Multiverses competitive game is coming back this summer with a new season and new champions? This article will provide an overview of season 2 and introduce some new features in detail.

The new multi-life season has actually been readily available given that November 15. Discover all the modifications, balancing and new functions which generates our complete summary.


The brand-new character Marvin Le Martin

The Looney Tunes see a new one of their character with Marvin. Assassin type It is among the very first to have many projectiles in combat. Discover all its most powerful techniques in our complete guide.

New Awards for Battle Pass

Without surprises, a new combat pass is readily available with numerous awards including brand-new skins. With a couple of changes compared to the previous one and in spite of a high need from the community, the gleaming where the currency to buy the combat pass are not included in the rewards.

Lots of balancing and new maps

2 New Patch Notes:

Through 2 really complete notes patch, lots of repairs are to be expected for this season 2 of multiverse! That they are solved with bugs, nerve and up the list of all modifications is offered directly from the main website.

2 new maps:

2 new maps are confirmed with The Court. The second that has not yet been revealed will remain in Universe de Games of Thrones.

A new Game mode versus bots

For the moment in the test phase, the new Arcade mode offers Enchain fights against LIA with a minimal number of attempts.

Nevertheless, this game mode makes little new novelty. However, we can see the add of solo mode with several challenges to be performed without based mainly on multiplayer.

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