Jelly Angler: What Does The Add-On Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Mean?

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 contains several new elements for players study, one of which is a system of improving reality. Jelly Angler is one of the 22 additions available in the game, and you can choose it during the match.

Naturally, players should know how to use this addition to stay ahead of the opponents. Here's how to use the Jelly Angler addition to Fortnite.


How to use Jelly Angler addition to Fortnite

Improving Jelly Angler belongs to the category of looting, and players who have chosen this bonus will receive a fishing rod that can only be used for fishing a jellyfish. Medusa is a consumed item that restores 20 HP. Its consumption takes a second, and you can have three items in one inventory slot. Medusa is an interesting item, since it works similarly to Chug Splash. The teammates standing around you will also be healed if you eat a jellyfish. Jelly Angler Augment is one of the best perks in the game for several reasons. Firstly, players can collect this fish from any part of the reservoir, that is, you do not need to aim with a fishing rod in the pit to catch it. Having collected a sufficient number of jellyfish, you can always stay out of the circle for some time and be treated as much as necessary. The teammates standing next to your character will also be treated at the same time. You can combine this addition with other improvements in reality to make it even more interesting. For example, select the Forecast addition to determine where the next zone will be located, and check if there is a pond in this area. Visit the location and start catching jellyfish. Keep the item at hand so that you and your teammates can be treated during battles or from damage to zones. Be sure to combine various improvements to get an advantage of opponents during each match in Fortnite, chapter 4, season 1. Want to know how to take POI control in chapter 4? Find out how to capture the Fortnite point in the game manuals for professionals.