Indie Game, December Is A Month For The Hungry Gamers

You won't be happy for gamers as much as the expected work is released. In December of this year, indie games that gamers would wait for a long time announced the release of the launch one after another. One person who has won the emotions and fun of 'Dwarf Fortress', which has gathered a lot of attention among construction management simulation enthusiasts, which depicted the chase with monster trains from Thomas Media, and JRPG in memories. Various indie games, including the development game 'Chad Come', are waiting for gamers' choices.


Game Name: Dwarf Fortress Platform: PC Release date: December 6, 2022, Keywords: #Retro #Construction Management Simulation

There is such a genre. It is a genre where gamers are clearly divided. Rhythm games, fighting, and barrage shooting are typical. If you're watching with genres requiring extreme control skills and fuselage vision, 'Do you see that?' The question comes naturally.

On the other hand, there is a genre that is dislike even if it does not require extreme control. It is a construction management simulation. Gamers who taste their tastes enjoy hundreds to thousands of hours, but gamers who are not giving them little attention. In the meantime, there is a game that has recently been a hot topic. It's Dwarf Fortress.

Compared to other construction management simulations, it is complex if it is a distinction between 'Dwarf Fortress'. Everything in the game works in real time. There is no problem when the player first manages at first. Not only to build buildings, but also to manage and assign people, there is no difficulty, but the more you play the game, the wider the pioneering places, and the increasing number of people as well as the number of people do.

If you look at this far, you can think of it as a huge simulation, but the problem is that all of this is huge and complicated. Even if you manage the number of people and allocate your work, sometimes you act at will, so if you do it wrong, you may have a chain effect, and you may not imagine something. The representative cat sudden history incident, which was once a hot topic in the community, is representative. Like any fantasy, the dwarves like any fantasy, but they drank dwarves, drunk, on the floor, buried in the passing cat, and the cats repeated the grooming and eventually died of alcoholism. The case was about cats, but in addition to the 'Dwarf Fortress', you may face unexpected situations.

'Dwarf Fortress', which was officially released on Steam on the 6th, is sold over 160,000 copies in 24 hours, and is overwhelmingly positive. In addition, it scored 93 meta critical rating and 90 open critical rating, and it was a game that would not be regretted if it was a construction management simulation enthusiast.

However, there is a disadvantage of not supporting one Korean. It can be said that there are some barriers to entry, but if you go beyond that barrier, it will be the game at the end of the year.

Game Name: Crawl Tactics Platform: PC Release date: December 9, 2022, Keywords: #Tactics #Roglike

If you have a gamer looking for a turn-based RPG that maximizes strategy and tactics, this game is recommended. The main character is the game 'Craw Tactics', which combines the classic turn-based turn-tactics battle with FTL's log ite dungeon exploration elements.

Unlike general turn-based RPGs, the battle of 'Crawl Tactics' is the core of strategy and tactics. There are so many things to think about, and the player should consider not only the characteristics of the enemy and allies, but also environmental elements such as magic, terrain and traps, and even climate. Environmental factors assist in combat in various ways. For example, if the friendly tile is on fire, it will rain, or on the contrary, if the enemy is on the pool, it is a lightning magic, or freezing with ice magic. If you identify these various environmental factors and make an optimal strategy, you can also win the strong enemies.

Of course, that doesn't mean that 'crawl tactics' depends only on strategy and tactics. Even if the strategy and tactics are great, if the unit that runs it is weak, it is a horseman. There are over 300 skills, more than 40 jobs, and more than 200 weapons in 'Craw Tactics', which allows you to freely customize the player's party.

The battlefield and dungeons of 'Craw Tactics' are procedure. Various dungeons, such as ruins, caves, catacombs, and forests, are made in new forms, and even if they play repeatedly, they welcome players to a different environment than before. Through this, 'Craw Tactics' gives the player the unique fun as a tactical RPG that would not have been felt in a typical turn-based RPG.

It is 'Craw Tactics' released on Steam and Stove Indie on the 9th. If you're a gamer who enjoyed Into The Breach, which was called aromatics, 'Crawl Tactics' will also fit your taste.

Game Name: Seacraft Platform: PC Release date: December 10, 2022, Keywords: #Stalker #mmofps #Minecraft #Korean

A stalker series set in the background of Zone, a surreal zone that was created around Chernobyl and Freesat after the explosion of Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The latest numbering title 'Stalker 2' has been temporarily suspended due to Russian invasion of Ukraine, and a game that will soothe such fans' regret appeared on Steam on the 10th. It is a game 'Seacraft' inspired by the Stalker series.

As you can see from the title and visuals, Seacraft is a project that started in Minecraft's MOD. It is a fan-made game that started from the idea of reconstructing the stalker with Minecraft. After seven years of development, it has now become a separate game by building its own game engine. In fact, it is not related to the non-subjectal that reminds me of Minecraft.

Except for the visuals, the game system is close to the inspired stalker series. The purpose of Seacraft, a MOPS, is simple. It enters the zone around Chernobyl to find a rare relic. However, the journey is not green. Not only mutations, but sometimes supernatural beings threaten the player's life. Of course, there is something more dangerous. It is another player. Everyone is aiming for artifacts, so all players in Zone are enemies except for their colleagues.

Seacraft supports a variety of modes. It provides a variety of modes from the main story and side quests to immerse yourself in the game, as well as artifacts, mutations hunting, unknown places, and factional wars that fight other factions.

Seacraft, which was officially released on Steam on the 10th, is currently being serviced for free. As Steam is generally positive, if you have enjoyed a similar genre and have been waiting for a new work, why don't you try 'seacraft' for this opportunity?

Game Name: Aka (AKA) Platform: PC, NS Release date: December 15, 2022, Keywords: #Healing #Adventure #Farm #Korean Language Support

When the weather gets colder, it feels cold somewhere. At the end of the year, there is a game that will warm the cold heart. Neo wiz is a healing adventure 'Aka'.

Aka is a healing game where the retired soldier Aka, who is a retired soldier, meets the souls who have been affected by the war, helps them, look back on themselves, and get calm. As you can see from a healing adventure, life in the game is so neck.

It's simple to say that Aka is usual. They make a variety of props to decorate furniture or islands, plant flowers or vegetables, and cultivate crops. If you are tired, you can also take a nap to a hot spring bath with monkeys or lying on a huge capybara's back.

If you are in mind, you can meet other residents and help them. Residents who need help are diverse. Everyone needs Aka's help, from kind villagers to souls tied up in the past, and baby dinosaurs who are trapped somewhere. Help is also diverse. There are simple requests such as sprinkling seeds or bicycles, but sometimes you have to take a ride of the island.

Can a retired soldier Aka get a calmness? What is the end of that journey? Aka, a healing adventure that will drive warm spring breeze, will be officially released on the 15th with Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Game name: Woo-hoo Charles Platform: PC Release date: December 9, 2022, Keywords: #Horror #Thomas #Survival #Korean Language Support

Anyone who likes internet memes will probably be familiar with this meme. It is a meme related to Thomas reborn as a fear. The friendly engineer Thomas started with the meme that was a monster, and it was reborn as a MOD and fan made game of various games beyond simple memes. Meanwhile, Chu Charles, which appears to have been inspired by these Thomas memes, was officially released on Steam on the 9th.

The purpose of Chu Charles is simple.

It is to knock down the hungry monster train that wakes up from the seal. Of course, the process is not easy. Although it is called a train, unlike the player, Charles does not depend on the track, unlike the player. Huge spider