Here Saint Seiya's first trailer: Knights of the Zodiac

As they surely know, it was long confirmed that Saint Says will have a new Live Action movie, with part of Hollywood's talent both behind and in front of the camera. Although this worried a couple of fans, the first official glance of this film was recently announced, which plans to calm any questions that the public has.

Although the first glance does not reveal many details about the story that will adapt in Saint Says: Knights of the Zodiac, it does give us a good idea of the type of production that will be offered to us, and the objective that we want to meet this time. Even so, this progress looks promising.


Although the details about the story are unknown, Kiel Murray, head of Cars, Josh Campbell, whom you will recognize for his work 10 Cloverfield Lane, and Matt Stricken are working on the script, with Tomasz Babinski as director. For its part, the cast includes Sean Bean as Alan Kids, Fame Janssen, who participated in X-Men, Mickey such as Says, Mark Damascus such as My lock, Nick Stahl as Cassius, and Diego Orinoco as a mysterious murderer.

We remind you that Saint Says: Knights of the Zodiac will reach theaters at some point in 2023. In related issues, Android of 18 as a gentleman of the Zodiac would look. Similarly, they reimagine Trunks as a character in this anime.

Editor's note:

To tell the truth, Saint Says: Knights of the Zodiac does not look so badly at the first instance. Of course, this is just a small teaser, and we still have to see the final product. However, if the tape manages to be a good adaptation, it seems that the public's fear of repeating Dragon Ball Evolution could remain in the past.