First trailer and images of Knights of the Zodiac, the movie Live

Saint Says or the Knights of the Zodiac, which is how such a famous manganese is known in Spain, finally presents its first trailer, a brief teer of just 30 seconds that you can see on these lines and that advances the tone of this new adaptation of action Real of Hollywood with names well known Bean and Fame Janssen among their ct. Thus, together with the first images of the film that we also offer you below, many are the fans that already compare this film with the spoiled and controversial Dragonball Evolution; We will have to wait for its premiere in 2023 to check if Knights of the Zodiac achieves better acceptance between criticism and public.

Give me your strength, Veg! Or not...

And it is that in this first live-action adaptation of the history of Mai Narmada we find names famous Bean (Game of Thrones) in the role of Alan Kiddo or Fame Janssen (X-Men), in addition to Madison Iceman Athena, Diego Orinoco such Nikki, Mark Damcus, Nick Stahl and Mickey Ara ta (One Piece de Netflix), among others. Five young warriors are recruited to be the Knights of the Zodiac, a cosmic elite force dedicated to protect the Greek goddess Athena and planet earth, we can read part of their official synopsis.

Tomz Babinski directs this new film bed on a manganese, a filmmaker who already h experience with digital effects after taking care of Cyberpunk 2077's film, in addition to the short films of The Witcher 3. For now, we have a brief look at characters like Satya or Maori, in addition to some more characters, along with different action sequences in which the CGI is done with all the prominence.


Knights of the Zodiac will premiere in movie theaters at some point in 2023; We hope to receive a trailer soon in conditions with more minutes of footage.