Bungie's New Vice President, Joe Ziegler, Founded Valorant

Joe Ziegler, until recently director of Valorant at Riot Games, has announced his study of the study to go to Bungee, responsible for Destiny. Ziegler already confirmed his study from the study a couple of weeks ago through some tweets already eliminated in which he did not just realize his destiny, although he did take advantage of the study of his 12 years within the company.


Now, he confirms that after his departure a few days ago he is already in the offices of Bungee, where he is working on new things that, hopefully, one day they can play all. The developer is not exactly an unknown face within the industry, even more taking into account Valorant's enormous success, whose initial idea was born from Ziegler himself, which accumulated more than 14 million active players every month during his first year in the market, after its launch in June 2020. Although his journey through Riot Games began in 2010, he also went through studies such as Kill space Entertainment or Pandemic Studios (Destroy All Humans!) In charge of design functions, and carries in the industry since 15 years ago. Although in the publication his new tasks does not specify, both in his biography of Twitter and in his LinkedIn confirms that he will have the role of director again within this next unknown project.

What we know is that at this time Bungee is working in Eclipse, the seventh expansion of Destiny 2 scheduled for next February 28, although it seems clear that those new things in which Ziegler works could be far from the Destiny saga. The Insider Tom Henderson, who has already had the occasional success, said a couple of months ago that Bungee has plans to bring back the Marathon saga, which is at the moment in a state of pre-alpha, according to its sources.