Streich praises excellent first phase as well as Jeong

The reason for the defensive stability is swiftly offset the group: Everybody takes part in protective job, stated captain Christian Günter to DAZN and clarified: When I see just how Its Down goes to the right in the duels Gregoritsch, Woo-Yeong Along as well as Vincenzo Gift start. That normally assists us in the back.

In 13 Bundesliga video games, Freiburg did not concede a goal of the defensive job 8 times for the effective preliminary: As prior to against Bremen and also Schalke, goalkeeper Mark Flecked also had to go behind in the 3rd 2-0, this time around versus Perfume to get hold of. Most lately, the Brasher succeeded in this accomplishment at the end of March to very early April 2015. Interested: During that time, the no was also against Effie as well as Schalke.

Stretch to Along: You need to state it

The cold final thought was symbolically for the template and also later goal marker Gregoritsch for the difficult job in training: I keep stating exactly how gamers deal with points below that might not function well pays off. Stretch was particularly pleased with the objective southern Oriental because it underwent a difficult stage at the beginning of the period is to discuss it.

What was missing out on was the needed temperature before eviction. The string eleven had actually apparently lifted this for the 2nd round. Along triggered on a counterattack brilliant and also struck the lead with his weaker left foot.

Not only defensively recognized exactly how to persuade the Freiburg, however additionally on the offensive again. Specifically in the initial phase, they created some good last possibilities. We played wonderful at the beginning, claimed SC instructor Christian Stretch mistakenly.

Stretch perplexes the offensive with the defensive

The reality that the tight program of the past couple of weeks has not recognized the Freiburg is not identifiable on the field, yet probably in the meeting. As Stretch exposed, he puzzled the offensive with defensive in the run-up to the video game and hence caused a laugh.


Not only defensively recognized how to encourage the Freiburg, but also on the offensive again.

Up until after that, the Beefburgers can broaden their without objective goal in the Bundesliga on five video games in a row.

In 13 Bundesliga video games, Freiburg did not yield a goal of the protective work 8 times for the effective initial round: As prior to versus Bremen and Schalke, goalkeeper Mark Flecked likewise had to go behind in the 3rd 2-0, this time against Cologne to grab. Curious: At that time, the zero was likewise against Effie as well as Schalke.

As necessary, the train is that the winter months break starts in a week: Currently we still intend to play, however I am pleased to God if there is next Sunday, and we can simply take a deep breath.