NCsoft, Make Together

-NC's new development culture that actively communicates with users from the new development stage

-trophy 7 kinds of project lineups such as project M and BSS… On the 14th, the first release of 'all' will be released

NC soft (NC) released a message of the open R & D development culture 'Using' today (8th).

'Ending' refers to the development culture of NC, which expands communication in various forms and reflects user feedback from the development stage. NC has introduced a total of eight Ending videos, including Trailer and Developer Commentary, starting with the Teaming video Work in Progress, which will release new IP in February this year.

This video intuitively contains the meaning and intention of Ending, a game that is made together by developers of each project. ▲ (Project TL) ▲

NC will release its new 'ALL' for the first time on the official YouTube channel on the 14th as part of N-Sing.


For more information about Using, visit the official NC channel such as YouTube and blogs.