Modern warfare acts as a single player if you blur your eyes to its attitudes

Developed by Infinity Ward, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II broke sales records during its release week. Pre-subscribers had access to a single-player campaign one week before the official release, but hectic multiplayer is still a reason for many to buy Activision's annual edition. Has the war changed from the previous time?


again Kamala Al-Fatiha

In order to do good, you have to do a little bad first. A phrase that crystallizes the mindset of the latest and almost all Call of Duty games. modern warfare ii continues the plot of the first part of 2019. The fictional Kurdistan state and the Al-Fatiha organization that impresses inside it are interfered with the case of lost cruise missiles from Americans. Hidden missiles hidden in maritime containers raise the international alarm level after ending in the wrong hands, so many of the crises that have been resolved by the stroke will be sent to prevent the threat.

How on earth have we lost missiles again?

Almost all the familiar characters from the _modern Warfare are included and part of the same enemies. This time, more American arch-enemies have been drawn in the script room, from Mexico's cartel to our eastern neighboring country, Terrorist State-Russia. In a familiar style, audio visually implementing implementation only offers a warm excuse to travel around the globe, shooting everything that moves-in the name of security.

Earth, sea and air attack!

The player turns in the boots of different characters alternately when the culprits and their assistants are traced quietly by creeping or singing. The Amsterdam marina strikes under the water, the Spanish coast is lurking through the binoculars, and in Mexico, we can use the air support from the point of view of the airport. The work will entertain the old model if you can only cling your eyes to the campaign openly in the war and the role of the US world police at the attitude. The spirits of the enemies have no value, and interrogation also involves torture-because why not.

The blasting of the oil board may cause anemia for the environment.

At its best, modern warfare ii is in the tasks that have a clear goal and boundaries. The atmospheric sneaking with silencers makes themselves become educated as a professional soldier, while in more open fields, the end result is too often in every direction of shooting and unexpected deaths. I even liked a surprising amount of section where the battle pair was advised to proceed and eliminate enemies by following the video camera.

The civilian buildings must not be destroyed until they are available.

When plastering, splashes due to general hecticism and confusion. Civilian casualties decide to destroy the task, the destruction of civilian buildings as well. You should not shoot your own, and sometimes you get caught to the previous storage point. Especially from the air, the separation of enemies and civilians seems to be very difficult at times-which is true in the right war. At least you can try again in the coin case.

beautiful but hollow

The campaign offers a wide range of activities, although there are not many reforms. The combat equipment has expanded slightly as the aids are dug out of the backpack. In later fields, goods must be built from materials collected from their own cabin environments. The feature remains fairly glued and requires unnecessary snap in the corners as the enemy presses on. In one field, you can also drive vehicles, which could have been directly eliminated. Nothing is as great as running after his own, escaped car. Only Benny Hill ID music is missing in the background.

The bad guys shoot innocent civilians.

Graphically, Infinity Ward offers its best. The Unreal Engine gaming engine is magicking really fine and credible scenery, whether day or night. The praise also applies to the authentic voice. Modern Warfare II's Solidity Campaign will definitely entertain the players in the series, but I would definitely have wanted a bolder grip on it. Now the twists and turns of the script seem ridiculous, the themes have not been renewed for decades, and the story has nothing but entertaining value-if any. Weapons are the solution to everything. Even to calm people who defend their home.

However, as a brainless shooter, modern warfare ii meets all the hit requirements: a handsome look, spectacular action scenes and accurate controls. It remains to be selected by the consumer whether the content and the values that are relevant to the product he or she purchased.