Valorant: Koi will face Leviathan and Kru at Argentina Game Show 2022

Valorant's competitive stops for the remainder of the year were recently announced, but the team in charge continues to add some events so that the community can enjoy their favorite players to do their best, having several events to close in the best way The year now one more event has been added in the region of the Americas that will have great competitors.

Once the maximum competition of the Riot Games Tactical Shooter Shoot is finished, the squads enter a hibernation world where the signing season begins, with the announcement of the off season the teams will have the opportunity to continue demonstrating their strategies and stay inside the map for The next leagues that will be played next year, recently a face-to-face tournament was added in Argentina Game Show where there will be teams like Movistar Antique and 9Z,


On the other hand, the event announced that it will have exhibition games between the two teams that represent the LATAM region within the Lisa de las Americas, GRU Esports and Leviathan will be measured before KOI, one of the most popular teams in Europe and that Since its creation to generate a great impact within the community thanks to the Hype created by its owner IAI Llanos.

The event will be held at Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires where attendees can enjoy the Valorant and also some other video game tournaments in this eighth edition of the event, hoping to have a large audience the Fanatical Argentina is ready to be able to bank with all the emotion that characterizes all the players they will be competing, the event will be held from October 21 to 23 and will also have some live musical shows for Being able to liven up the environment for attendees.