So you can improve the performance of your games with Windows 11

Although Microsoft is doing everything possible to improve the experience of all users who have Windows 11 on their PC, there are a group of people who are usually affected with each new update, and these are the players. In this way, The Redmond company has shared a small trick that will make your games' performance substantially.

As surely many have noticed, with each new Windows 11 update, the performance of the PC games decreases. Although players have sought alternatives to solve this problem, Microsoft has finally shared a small trick that you can do without problem. However, Your PC can run a risk when doing this .

All you need to do is Modifying the integrity of memory and the windows 11 virtual machine platform. However, microsoft warns that carrying out this process puts your PC at risk, since you will deactivate safety measures. Thus, the company recommends returning everything to normal once you just played.

-To deactivate memory integrity, go to the Start menu and write core insulation in the search bar.

-The Windows security application will open. Inside, you will see the integrity of memory.

-Adaptive this function.

-Clever. The first step has been completed. Now, it only remains to deactivate the virtual machine platform in Windows 11.

-In the search bar, write activate or deactivate the Windows characteristics. Open the relevant option.

How -Deep's window and look for virtual machine platform. Unmask the box to deactivate it.

-To accept to save the changes. To finish applying, it is advisable to restart your PC.

This is all you need to do. If you follow these steps, The performance of your games on PC will be improved , but this also puts you at risk, so you do not forget to return everything to normal. In related issues, the new Windows 11 update causes problems with NVIDIA.