The dignity of Metanite is destroyed in Kirby's Gourmet Festival ... Debmeta Night is said to be terrible.

Kirby In the download software Kirby's Gourmet Festival distributed on August 17, the popular character of the series Meta Night seems to have been affected by the so-called reputational damage .

Speaking of metnight, a cool popular character that is sometimes called Metanite and Shake by Kirby no Kirby. In this work Kirby's Gourmet Festival, there is also a skin that can become such a metanite.

I was able to become a cool metnite and feel like I was going to feel like... I thought that on the net, this skin was destroyed by this skin.

When I tried it out, I was able to confirm that there was no normally far from the usual, such as a metanite that rolled with a cake and rolled around, and a thick metanite.

On the Internet, it is said that fat meta night, too fat, I can't stop destroying the dignity of metnight . Furthermore, if you search for Meta Night on Twitter, Metanite Deb and Metanite Dignity will be suggested at the top. I'm sorry.

Despite not appearing in this work, Metanite is said to be fat. I want to sympathize a little, but the no dignity Maru Maru body is also cute.

The price of Kirby's Gourmet Festival is 1500 yen (tax included). Whether online or offline, you can enjoy a hot battle with cute Kirby.

If you are interested in Metanite that you can't usually see, why not consider purchasing?