Hangawi gift is a MSI laptop! G Market Big Sale Progress

MSI Korea (CEO Public Book) announced that it will hold a discount on popular MSI notebooks at the G-Market.

MSI This Hangawi Big Sale will be held from G-Market until September 6 (Tue), and by product 15%(up to 100,000 won) overlapping coupons, Intel 12%(up to 120,000 won) redundant coupons, and 12%smile card discounts. do. Buyers offer a lot of benefits such as backpacks, gaming headsets, and bags, such as various gifts and 100,000 won steam code gift events. Detailed discounts can be found on each product page.

'Vector GP76 12UGS', an event product, is equipped with the latest 12th generation Intel Core i7-12700H and 150W TGP that supports 14 core, and powerful in various programs such as graphics and 3D animations as well as games as well as games. It boasts performance. The panel implements a clear and realistic screen with QHD (2560*1440) 240Hz high-stock rate.

'Sword GF66 A11UE' is a gaming notebook equipped with Intel Core i7-11800h and RTX 3060. With powerful performance and high quality graphics, the latest high-end games can be played without blockage, so it's a product that you can't miss. In addition, the 144Hz IPS type anti-glare panel allows you to switch quickly and experience vivid and realistic screens.

For more information on the MSI notebook, please visit the MSI user cafe or MSI Korea website.