What happened to Amico, the Intellivision console? The last change recommends poor news

It is very important to emphasize that, despite the general public's interest, those in charge of the project revealed the hold-up of Amico on greater than one occasion, which left us with a launch home window situated at the end of 2021. At the minute, Intellivision No no He has actually finished a day for 2022 , and this last adjustment not does anything yet boost our anxiety for the console.


Since, as they mention from VGC, Amico's trademark has experienced considerable adjustment in its state, which is currently observed as deserted . According to the US license and also brand names office, this new tag is due to the reality that Intellivision has not submitted a 'declaration of use' in time, which enables to understand the different earnings of a product out there.

Intellivision amazed the video game industry with the presentation of Amico, a console concentrated on 2D video games that would recover classic iconic machines such as Atari or the exact same Intellivision of Mattel. But, despite the fact that the project had the return of characters as mythological as Earthworm Jim and also his booking campaign had greater than favorable numbers, those accountable might be dealing with problems that could * haze the launch of the tool **.

Considering that the console is not yet marketed, the company can not send out a 'statement of usage' as well as, thus far, has actually been requesting more time to send out the document. Following the details of VGC, the American agency has actually authorized 4 of these requests, yet Intellivision has not repeated the motion and also, as a result, the brand name has become labeled as abandoned.


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