The masterpiece smartphone RTS Little Noah is back as a rogue light! What is the Rogue gene inherited by The successor to Little Noah Paradise?

It was once distributed to iOS/Android in February 2015 and grabbed the hearts of the fans with adorable visuals and deep strategy elements Little Noah appeared for CS/PC as a rogue 2D action game. have become.

This new work The successor to Little Noah Paradise is told the story that corresponds to the day before the smartphone version Little Noah, and you can enjoy a rogue light play involving random elements x light 2D actions.

In this article, we will introduce the game play of Little Noah **** successor to paradise, which has changed its genre from the old work, looking back on the characteristics and charms of Roglite. Not only the old Little Noah fans, but also gamers who like rogue lights, and those who are interested in cute visuals, we will convey the charm of drawing players.

◆ First, review the fun of Roglight. Looking back on the characteristics of the genre and the headwaters

Before introducing The successor to Little Noah Paradise, let's look back on Rogue Light. The roots of Rogue Light are the genres of Roglike, and the headwaters are in Rogue, which was released in the dawn of computer games. There are many things to look back on at once, but this work is a turn-based RPG drawn in text If you die, start over from the beginning , and Random Map generation I am.

The work influenced by this Rogue is called Roglike and inherits the two features mentioned above. In particular, the Wonder Dungeon series will be familiar to many gamers. Rogue Light is a light shape of this rogue-like. According to Steam's guidelines, it is said that rogue elements are loosely incorporated, and death is not so eternal (permades), and relatively lights such as even if you die is not everything from the beginning. Games with elements are often listed as rogue light works (*various theories) .

Roglike and Rogue Light are somewhat complicated and have a thriving discussion on the definition. However, its fundamental attraction is in the same place, and the characteristics of playing randomly generated maps repeatedly are generally common.

In addition, it can be said to be a genre that tends to increase the attachment to characters because of the game nature that plays repeatedly. Even though it is a random generation, it is a game genre that repeatedly challenges, so the character's charm will be important. In fact, there are many cases, such as Pokemon and Doraemon, have been adopted as a character system, and have been well received with unique charm.

The successor to Little Noah Paradise appeared with such a rogue light element. This work is a 2D action of Random Map generation, but also has a handover element after the game over, so it has a casual flavor as a system. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the chewy gameplay such as search or read enemy attack patterns.

◆ The charm of Little Noah Paradise Successor which became 2D Roglite Act

The successor to Little Noah Paradise, which changed its genre from real-time strategy to rogue light action, is very familiar to old fans. Nevertheless, it also has the exhilaration of a fresh 2D action, and there are elements that make fans grin and rogue light/2D action fans live together. From here, let's introduce the charm of this work.

■ Soft and warm world view & character drawn by Akihiko Yoshida

Noah, the main character of this work, will challenge the dungeon search using his accompanying Astral. The characters are familiar with the old Little Noah.

The character design of Omoto was in charge of the Final Fantas Tactics, Bravely Default, and Nier Automata Akihiko Yoshida . While manipulating the lovely characters he draws, he will adventure a soft and warm world view.

The game character to play over and over again is one of the features of the successor to Little Noah Paradise. This work has strongly inherited the visuals and worldview of Little Noah, which was attracting attention in adorable art styles, and has an attractive design with Roglight, a genre that tends to attach to characters. It matches well.

■ Rogue light action with a cute appearance, deep and difficulty

Noah challenges the battle using Astral, which has a variety of attack methods. We will organize various astrals you meet on the way and attack with a mechanism that summons one by one.

Astral also has a type that can attack a short range, a long-range type, and a tricky mobile attack type. You can build a variety of builds according to the player's preference, such as combining short and long distances and connecting aerial combo.

In addition to the attacks of Astral and others, the main combination of this work is to combine the Animab hardstore, dashes, and jumps, which are the special moves of Noah itself. It looks like an adorable visual, and the contents are surprisingly hardcore. Especially at the end of the game, the 2D action expert should feel quite good.

Nevertheless, this work is Rogue light lightlight that is a takeover element even if the game is over. Friends and equipment that have fallen after falling are converted to points called mana, and are connected to various stacks, such as rising basic status and acquiring new actions. It is a slightly easier system that is easy to recommend for those who like the world view, but it is hard to be careful every time you play.


■ That worldview revives rich! Little Noah Numerous elements that please fans

As mentioned above, this work is a work that talks about the day before Little Noah, and is based on that world view that you can play with a smartph1. Not only the characters that appear, but also the facilities of the ark are also accumulating the design of the old work. Things that could only be seen from a bird's-eye view on smartphones can now be enjoyed with rich expressions.

Astral, which would have been familiar with old fans, are full of dynamism, and even now, it is a character design that does not make you feel old smell. Anyway, you can come across elements you know in Little Noah in various ways, such as Anima and enemy characters on the boss floor, so those who have a deep feeling will come in unintentionally.

In addition, not only the visuals but also the BGM are also worth paying attention. If you listen to the BGM in the ark, Ark and the fanfare that flows when you win in the boss battle, you will surely be awakened. The music by ** composer, Hitoshi Saki, who is known not only for Little Noah, as well as Final Fantasy XII and Jusan Model Defense Area, will create adventure abundantly.

The genre has changed significantly, so fans who are not used to 2D actions and rogue-light games may be a little surprising. It is likely that you will repeat the game over many times at the beginning of the play, but you will be able to play happily with familiar visuals and sounds.

Little Noah Paradise Successor, which responds to the expectations of hardcore gamers who prefer an outstanding rogue light action, as well as fans who were fascinated by the old work, are now on sale.

The compatible platform is PS4/Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam), and the main game is sold for 1,500 yen. Also, Princess Connect! The release of the first and second (300 yen each), which collaborated with Re: DIVE and Uma Musume Pretty Derby, is also available, and the DLC set containing two is 500 yen, the main game and DLC2. Special edition including species will be sold for 2,000 yen (all prices include tax).

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