Shoot up to 50,000 won! MSI water cooler June event

MS I Korea (CEO Public Book) Co., Ltd. (CEO Public Book), an event that presents up to 50,000 won worth of benefits to customers who have purchased and used MSI water cooler products, including the MSI Core Quid S series, which provides the best cooling performance. Progress.

HOW This event consists of two types of purchases and user events. In the case of purchasing events, customers who purchase the MSI Core Squid S series (S360, S280) between June 15 (Wednesday) and July 31 (Sunday) We offer 30,000 won for Steam Wallet.

In addition, for the user event, the MSI Core Squid S series (S360, S280), the K series (K360, K240), and the C series (C360, C240) customers who purchase the Steam Wallet 20,000 won for the month of June. Give it. For more information and how to participate, please refer to the following link:

On the other hand, the MSI Core Squid S series uses the 7th generation pump and a low noise tox 3.0 cooling fan to maintain quietness with overwhelming cooling performance. In addition, IPS displays can be configured by checking system information or applying images such as GIF/MP4 to configure unique PCs.

If you want to check additional information related to the MSI water cooler, you can check it on the MSI user cafe and MSI Korea website.


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