We analyze new details about Gotham Knights

Recently, WB Games Montreal has published a new almost 15-minute recording of the Gotham Knights \ game process- a new Batman universe game, which should be released only in early October of this year. From the recording, it was possible to learn several new details about various aspects of the game, we will study them in this small article, as well as draw certain conclusions.


As already known, the world of Gotham Knights will be completely open and divided into five regions. In the new video on the segment with a demonstration of the map showed a financial area consisting of at least 6-7 locations. Based on the size of only this region, we can safely assume that the total size of the world will be impressive and exactly several times larger than Batman: Arkham Knight (the last Batman game with the open world).

You can move around the world in 4 different ways, at least at the time of writing an article of mentioning other options I did not find:

  • Hook -cat - where is Batman and his “family” without a canonical pistol, which is able to quickly pull the character to the desired place. Judging by some fragments of the video, in comparison with the latest games of the ARKHAM series, the principle of operation of the cat has not changed much.

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  • Bet -Bike is a motorcycle with an extremely unusual design, most likely the only vehicle in the game. Judging by the interface, by pressing a certain button, it can be called at any time.
  • The hero’s special ability is a certain movement that the hero can reproduce in the air. Red Hood, with the help of mysterious magic, jumps, starting from the air, Nightwing uses a technological glider that can gain height.
  • Points of a quick journey - after activation, the character is in the air with a huge glider attached to the back. Again, judging by the interface of the card, in each region there will be several points, 1 per location.

Of all the methods, it is worth highlighting a special ability separately, since judging by the video when using it, the character does not lose height (even on the glade), this itself greatly simplifies the process of movement along the upper “layer” of the world.

As for the content, or, more simply, the fullness of the world:

  • Based on the interface of the world map, the fractions are tied to locations, but, alas, it is not entirely clear what they affect, although I can assume that only the types of opponents.
  • In the video, we were shown 2 variations of “crimes”, mini-actives with their own characteristics and tasks. Experience and resources are issued for their implementation (we will talk about this later).
  • Apparently, the crimes are divided into 2 types, since in the card interface there is an indicator of 14 crimes with a question sign, 0 with exclamation.
  • In addition to crimes on the map, you can notice several more varieties of content - a white chest (presumably a loot) and an icon in the form of a shield (most likely, this is a base of opponents).

So far, in terms of the content of the open world, I would like to believe that the developers will make both fixed events (the same opponents' bases) and random events, because they will bring diversity to the gameplay. Especially given the ambitious statement “Set in the Most Dynamic and Interactive Gotham City Yet”. Moreover, already in the video there is a possible confirmation of random events: when the card was opened for the first time, it contained 14 crimes with a question sign, and literally a couple of minutes later when they showed the map again increased to 15.

Separately, it is worth noting that at the moment of demonstration of the beginning of the plot mission on its icon there is a “level of complexity” postscript. The usual something similar can be found in projects, where there is no global level of complexity and instead each activity has its own complexity. In my opinion, this approach along with Souls-Like games is more interesting and dynamic.

combat system

In short, the Gotham Knights combat system looks quite standard for games of a similar genre and does not stand out with something special, I would even say that it is very similar to a common system from an Arkham series:

  • During the battle process, the opponents around the weapon or fists have an indicator of the rapid application of the blocked (white) \ not blocked (red) attacks.
    • In the case of firearms, a white line appears from the enemy to the character.
    • In the case of AOE, a huge red zone appears under the character.
  • There are attacks of near and distant battle, captures (innovation), spectacular finishing, group finishing (chip of the cooperative).
    • It is not entirely clear, but most likely, using the capture, the player can interact with objects. As an example of such an opportunity - to launch the enemy into an electric shield.
  • With the help of rifts and other somersaults, the character deftly moves around the battlefield.
  • You can restore the lost CP with the help of first -aid kits - a consumable resource that is replenished with the help of objects that have fallen from the enemy, in other words, the first -aid kit has charges.
  • The game contains the effects of status, such as fire, poison and stunning. In the case of a character, upon receipt of such a damage above a strip of health, an appropriate icon occurs, and if it is filled, the status effect is most likely activated.

In addition to the above set of movements, the characters have abilities, and apparently they are divided into 2 types - skills, skills. The former open new movements, for example, in the video several times they demonstrated that Red Hood is able to attach mini-bombs to the opponents. Skill is the ability to use the energy obtained in battle (which is why I have an assumption of skills).

Based on the interface, at the same time you can use about 8 skills and each consumes a certain number of energy charges (only those for which are needed from 1 to 2). It is noteworthy, the initial maximum charge of charges is 2, but subsequently this number increases to 4, this leads a video from 2020 and a certain design of the interface elements.


Gotham Knights contains quite a lot of RPG elements that finally showed in more detail:

  • In addition to the character level, there are AP (skills), and with a probability of 100% they are used for the development of the character in the corresponding “Abilities” tab. Since in some moments the amount of AP corresponds to the character level, we can conclude that 1 level = 1 AP.
  • The character has 3 elements of equipment - a costume, near -battle weapons and long -range weapons.
  • Each element can be improved by creating a more advanced equipment. For this, various resources are used and on the craft screen are as much as 18 types. They are precisely issued as rewards for activity in the open world and in the form of a loot from opponents.
    • Craft drawings are also obtained in the process of “studying” the world.
  • At least the costumes are divided into 4 grades and are very different in characteristics, some even provide protection against certain status effects.
    • It is worth noting that the legendary Grady has a characteristic “Grade” and it can be improved so that it does not mean.
  • Some costumes have cells of modifiers, and in my opinion, this element looks strange, because one can only have 2, and the other - as much as 6.

Already now one simple truth is emerging - players will have to farm drawings and resources for crafting equipment for various needs, a certain style of play. Fortunately, based on the demonstrated options for costumes, high -ranking equipment is not the only and unique option, since it may well lose to the lower value of certain characteristics.