PlayStation State of Play may occur in June

PLAYSTATION 5 ( PS5 ) - SPIDER MAN 2 TEASE / BIG JUNE EVENT CONFIRMED / VRR TEST PERFORMANCE RESU… A new PlayStation State of Play can be happening in June. Many have passed, many months since the last great PlayStation State of Play. Earlier this year, there was a state of play that focused on the Japanese games and then there was one dedicated to Hogwarts_, but nothing that competes with the one we obtained last September. In September 2021, Sony armed a huge PlayStation State of Play with revelations for games such asMarvel Spider -Man 2_,Marvel_lobezno, des of war: Ragnarok, and many more. We are still waiting for more news about many of those games and it seems that there are many possibilities that we have some very, very soon.

According to Jeff Grubb, he heard that PlayStation could present a game state in the first week of June. Grubb said he could not confirm it as a fact or just as a speculation of the sources, but he was willing to say that this is where the truth is revealed. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II could happen. It is rumored that the new entry into the shooting franchise will have an official presentation around June 9, so this would not be too surprising. Although Microsoft is acquiring activation, the treatment has not been completed and Sony still has an association for Call of Duty that is presented through things like advertising. At the moment, there are no concrete ideas of what PlayStation could show in such an event, but with games as war: Ragnarok_ is expected to be launched at the end of this year, it seems to be the most likely candidate. Of course, fans should still take all this calmly until Sony really announce something.

Since Xbox, Ubisoft and others are expected to have presentations this summer, it makes sense for Sony to join the action and excite fans with what he has planned for next year. There are also many unknown games in development, such as the multiplayer game The Last of Us that has been in process for several years. Only time will say if Sony has something new under the sleeve.

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