Overwatch 2 Exploit has already broken a reworked skill

Vigilance 2 obtained its first public balance update this week with several benefits and nerfs applied to the heroes along with total skills reworkings. Roadhog benefited from one of them with a new version of his Ultimate to use against the adversaries, but it seems that he actually benefits much more than expected. An exploit has already been discovered that Roadhog is able to destroy enemies with his definitive ability Whole Hog, since he apparently does not have a limit on the speed at which he can shoot.

If you are thinking that the last of Roadhog does not have a variable shot speed, you may have lost the update on Thursday. He made Whole Hog ability no longer a definitive ability channeled and, instead, requires players to use the main shot button to work. That allows greater control over the ability, but if you have any type of configuration that allows you to click Super fast, apparently it also allows Whole Hog unleashed unwanted levels of damage and pressure on the opponents.

The clip above the Twitter user Lyric_AW (Vía Dexerto) shows the problem with this new version of the movement. He Vigilance 2 The player replied that it was not a fast click, but a macro used in the game training area. When using something like that, or an automatic click, or configure the mouse wheel to be the main click, or anything else you may have to achieve the same effect, you can shoot so fast, if not faster, than what what it shows. In the clip

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Naturally, this is not how this ability would work in its re -elaborated form, but, again, this is a beta version, so this is the place where things like Roadhog's last broken broken. It is likely that another update will be launched at some point during the beta version that will include a solution for this and any other problem that may arise with the skills of other characters. Most likely, let's see something like that happens to another person, seeing how Blizzard said he has more planned renewed skills for the characters that could be launched in this first beta version.