Gotham Knights: Neues Gameplay zeigt Nightwing und Red Hood

On October 25th it will be on consoles & PC, now there is a look at the playable character duo for the first time, which wants to provide right and order in the upcoming action game Gotham Knights.

Slips into the skin of Red Hood, Batgirl, Nightwing or Robin and revenues the death of your great role model. Of course, as in the extremely entertaining Batman games Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight, you are back in the dark streets of Gotham and put the rabble in a lot of one on the bell. On request, also in the online co-op for up to two players at the same time.

In the almost fifteen-minute introduction (see video below), the different combat techniques of the two heroes and their locomotion options in the open game world are shown in full, from Nightwings unique-acrobatic combat style and its air glider to Red Hood's double weapons and powerful Jumping skills.

Gotham Knights NEW Nightwing and Red Hood Gameplay Demo

Essential information, which the developers unfortunately did not yet elicit, is the question of the storage system: Because if the progress is only saved in the host, Koop friends will certainly avoid this mode. However, I press both leather gloves that have been considered enough and that the story in the story naturally eats a memory block for all participating superheroes.

Gotham Knights can be pre -ordered physically in retail or digital in the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Steam and Epic Games Store. The Gotham Knights Standard Edition is digital and is available as a box for 74.99 euros. The Gotham Knights Deluxe Edition costs Digital and as a box of 94.99 euros and includes the main game as well as the downloadable content "visionary package" with exclusive equipment, cosmetic items, the "OF-the-Future" suit from the cartoon series Batman of the Future and some more.

The limited, physical Gotham Knights Collector’s Edition costs 299.99 euros. It contains the Deluxe Edition, the augmented reality pin to collect, a 16-page media book, an exclusive map of Gotham City and a diorama with four character statues. In addition, players get the 233 Kustom-Batcycle-Skin for each pre-order, which is based on the first appearance of the vehicle in the DC Detective Comic #233.