For the first time to play the survival of The Long Dark, a paid addition will be released for the first time

Judging by the statement of the Hinterland Studio studio, they have certain financial difficulties. For this reason, the developers decided for the first time in eight years since the release of the survival of The Long Dark to release a paid addition to the game.

According to the studio, published on the page of the Steam game, I cannot provide the growing financial needs of the company with free product updates. The team asked the opinion of the community of the game, and it supported the idea to release paid content.

The Long Dark - Your First Few Days Survival Guide

The release of a paid DLC is scheduled for the current year, it will have a seasonal pass format. Those who acquire it will have more content over the next 15-18 months. It will include new game mechanics and locations.

The developers also noted that they do not plan to stop issuing free additions.