Starfield wants to look like "NASA

Last updated there is February 18, 2022

Starfield seeks to establish his own unique style they call "NASA-PUNK". I am certainly interested in seeing more. It will be interesting to see if this style NASA-Punk takes off and is reproduced in other projects.

The main artist of Starfield, Istvan Pelly, said they wanted Starfield to look realistic but disgusted. Pely had this to say about the artistic style:

_ "At the beginning of this project, when we were trying to establish the overall aesthetics of this game, we have somehow invented the term" Nasa-punk "to describe a universe of sci-fi a little more anchored and rematable. We wanted a very realistic shooting, "he adds," you can draw a line from the current spatial technology and extrapolate from there in the future so that it is credible and remount.

The main animator Rick Vicens added this:

_ "It was just the perfect term for our artistic direction and keep everyone in the same stream and work with a coherent style. For me, it just clicked. At the beginning of the project, I think this term was essential for us._

An anchored style in reality but always fantastic is without a doubt interesting. I tend to prefer a more fantastic artistic style because they tend to appear more, but I'm sure Starfield will eventually have look great.

N.A.S.A. - Spacious Thoughts (feat. Tom Waits & Kool Keith) [Official Music Video] I just hope Starfield will eventually play well. Bethesda used to create some of my favorite games, but I did not enjoy them as much since Fallout 4. I hope Starfield will be able to catch my attention again, in the Nasa-Punk style and everything.

What do you think of Starfield's aesthetics? Do you like the term NASA-PUNK? Let us know in the comments below!


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