Marvel shock message: It probably will not be avenger

It looks like that with endgame the last Avengers movie was released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe . This indicated Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige in the document for production of Eternals on Disney +. There is endgame called the "Final" Avengers film, which ended the Infinity Saga after a total of 22 films.

How is the MCU continue in the future?

With the completion of the Infinity Saga, the doors were open to new stories in the Marvel Universe. Again, Kevin Feige has evicted in the documentary: _ "How is it going on now? Where do we start? We wanted to do two things definitely - a fresh start with new characters and new storylines. We want back to the profound mythologies of all Marvel comics go. "_

Marvel continues to have many options

Even if there is no Avengers movie anymore, it is very unlikely that the Marvel Studios will give up a new grouping of superheroes. Among other things, the new crew could simply get a other name . It is also possible that Kevin wanted to clarify the "final Avengers movie" that the original version of heroes will no longer get together.

not yet announced no avengers-like movie

THE FINAL AVENGERS FILM? Marvel President Kevin Feige Talks Phase 5 In fact, Marvel has not yet introduced a film for Phase 4 or beyond who has similarities with Avengers. There will still be several heroes in a movie.

Best example is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness , where not only Doctor Strange and Wanda MaxOff Aka Scarlet Witch will play the main roles, but also numerous surprise appearances are planned. It is speculated, among other things, via the debut of the X-Men in the MCU - inclusive Patrick Stewart as Professor X .

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