The Switch gets Pokemon: Legends Arceus Accessories on the theme

Pokémon: Legends Areas will be released on January 28, 2022. To celebrate the last game of Game Freak, Horn produced a series of Switch accessories on the theme.

The accessories are a backpack, a Switch case and a Split Pad Pro switch. Each of the objects has the poster of the game Pokémon Areas pasted on the front of them. The backpack is quite small, but it can at least adapt to your switch. The Switch box operates in the same way as standard housings. There are two straps inside that maintain the unconnected switch in place, a series of small pockets to contain the switch cartridges and a zipper on the outside. The Split Pad Pro switch has the same design as standard models. It offers greater adhesion on both sides and slightly different buttons positions. It is important to note that the Split Pad Pro switch does not have the same characteristics as the normal disadvantages of joy. Furthermore, it does not have motion orders or HD roar to name a few.

The product is manufactured by HORN. HORN is an officially authorized company by Nintendo to create custom switch accessories. The company is known to manufacture custom combat game controllers for all platforms. Nintendo granted them a license to make all kinds of Switch products on the theme of their different properties. It is natural that Nintendo capitalizes on their relationship with the company to promote the next Pokémon game.

Switch DOMINATES UK Sales, New Pokémon Legends Hori Accessories + MercurySteam's Next Game Announced Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have come out earlier this month, and Nintendo already jumps on the marketing opportunities for the next game. As the release date of Pokémon: Legends Areas gets closer, there will probably be much more things about the theme of Pokémon from Nintendo in the near future. You can buy all these accessories and more directly on the HORN website.

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