Horizon Forbidden West: All new machines at a glance

Horizon No Dawn is an open globe's role and also action computer game created by the Dutch Studio Guerrilla Games and also released by Sony Interactive Home Entertainment for PlayStation 4, released on March 1, 2017, in Europe. This is the first copyright developed by Guerrilla Games from Kill zone in 2004 and also the initial attempt at the Dutch studio to understand a function video clip game. The story takes area in a post-apocalyptic futuristic context where mankind has shed the proficiency of electronic modern technology and also the globe is attacked by robot creatures. The player embodies Ally, a huntress that goes on in search of his identification. In March 2020, Sony Interactive Home entertainment verifies the arrival of the title on PC. He formally appears on August 7 via Heavy Steam as well as Epic Games Shop. A GOG variation will likewise appear.

In Horizon Forbidden West, it goes into a new world and thus there are some mechanical engineering, which did not exist or return it in Horizon Zero Dawn. We have put together an overview for you!

Last update on 12.12.2021: As part of the Game Awards 2021, a new trailer has been published. This shows many new machines in action. So far, there are no official names and descriptions, which is why we list them only with approximate names.

New machines in Horizon Forbidden West

This is the current trailer to Horizon Forbidden West:




Giant snake

As soon as there are more information or better pictures to the machines, we will update the article.

All devices already presented in Horizon Forbidden West


New Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Reveals New Machines, Outfits & Way More (Horizon Zero Dawn 2)

Particularly prominent represented, the claws are in the new gameplay trailer. They remind of raptors and also a bit of the guards against Zero Dawn, but work much more complex in construction than this. They can be bridged and used as a mount. We experience how Ally uses one of them in this way. But also a rebellious squad that keeps Ally's friend appointing, has claws under his control.

Level teeth

Probably the most impressive new machine we get in the trailer is a bin tooth. This huge beast is reminiscent of a mammoth and not only wears a person on his back, but a whole shelter with rebels and rebels. In addition to the sheer mass of the creature, the different guns become a danger to Ally.


At the end of the trailer we get a flying machine called sunshine. In contrast to the bird-like beasts from Zero Dawn, this looks more like a saurian and acts much filigree.

Giant turtles

A huge turtle-like machine has also only a short appearance when she appears in front of Ally. We do not know your name yet. Nevertheless, this nature has a monstrous impressive, and we can be curious whether it is a peaceful or enemy creature.


On a machine type called graves, we can only catch a quick look. Some specimens swim over at a distance of Ally. At first glance, they are quite peaceful, but a developer reveals us that we have to take care of them.

Known machines from Horizon Zero Dawn

In Forbidden West, machines are also encountered, which are already known from Zero Dawn. Two of them we were able to discover in the new trailer.


Schnappmäuler liked to eat us in Zero Dawn. They resemble crocodiles. In the trailer, you only swim over briefly, but due to alloys new dive capacity you could frequently meet us.


In addition to the claws, we also see Ally ride on a familiar nature. It is a striker that remembers a bit of a water buffalo with curved horns.

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Scope and world map

Improvements compared to Zero Dawn Gameplay analysis

What awaits us in terms of machines?

In Zero Dawn we have to do it with a total of 26 machines. In the extension The Frozen Wilds add five more. Since both well-known and new beings emerge in Forbidden West, we can assume even more variety than in the predecessor game. We also assume that some monsters as well as in the first part are almost everywhere on the map and are rare or even unique.

Which of the newly shown machines impressed you the most?


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