Activision Blizzard responds to discussions on unionization

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Activision Blizzard is still there. For some time now, there has been discussions and planning for a union for Blizzard Activision employees. But with the depressing to protest against dismissals at Raven Software, there has been even greater motivation to realize the talks of the unions.

Instead of talking with employees, the administrative director, Brian Mulatto, has sent an e-mail to all employees of the company. According to Mulatto, a union would be a terrible idea, preventing the changes desired by the employees. You will find below part of the published e-mail.

Aloes that you make this decision for your future, we are only asking you to take the time to consider the consequences of your signature on the binding legal document that is presented to you by CWA. Once you have signed this document, you will have yielded to CWA the exclusive right to represent [You] for collective bargaining on all conditions of employment. This means that your ability to negotiate all your own working conditions will be entrusted to CWA, as the document says.

And it was after Mulatto said that Activision Blizzard made progress and clearly listened to what people want, but only if there is a direct dialogue between management and employees. It is hilarious, given the quality of listening to employees by management previously. And it's better.

Union Busting? | Activision Responds to CWA Card Check Drive (VL593) The realization of our cultural aspirations in the workplace will best go through an active and transparent dialogue between the executives and the employees on which we can act quickly. This is the best solution to simply sign an electronic form that is offered by CWA or wait for the result of a legally mandated and regulated negotiation process in the future.

Since there is no job security for contract employees, and that everyone knows, it makes e-mail all the more fragile and is an obvious threat to employees of the 'business. After the publication of the content of this e-mail by Jessica Gonzalez, outgoing senior test analyst, there was a lot of contempt on the subject — and it's not surprising. For all that Division Blizzard talked about making changes, it did nothing but nothing to actually follow the process — at least nothing that was noted and seen.

The CWA, the union with which Blizzard employees could end up signing in order to gather and get better treatment, also weighed on the issue via Twitter. The union avoidance campaigns waste resources that ABK's management could otherwise use to meet serious concerns such as the compensation of victims of sexual harassment. We hope that management will resume its minds and see that its only viable route is to respond to the legitimate demands of the initial launching, including ensuring that there is a sustainable voice of workers in all matters of the company.

One might think that the direction of Activision Blizzard would know better, but as we have seen, their judgment was not the best, especially in the past.

For those who want to support Blizzard workers, people can donate to their GoFundMe funds. When writing these lines, 305,224 USD were collected to pay wages while workers go on strike.

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