10 best low maintenance plants spectacular for home interior decoration

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10 best low maintenance plants spectacular for home interior decoration

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Looking to find an indoor plant that is low maintainace and good at any space in the house?Here is some  indoor plants that are extremely easy to care for,and you can use as an interior decoration.

1 Rhipsali

This mass of  pencil thin  succulent stem comes from a cactus family plant which is perfect for indoor decoration because its can do better in a spot with indirect light  and requires a long period of drought so you don’t need keep watering especially fall and winter season .During warmer season you can water if really dry but not very often.

Use a long pot stand  or  hanging vessel  because this plant like to cascade downward  and can grow very long and also to add an elegant touch to your interior decoration.

2 Watermelon Paperomia

Watermelon paperomia  has many color forms and variegation , stripped leaves  that resembles a water melon probably the origin of the name.An average room temperature so semi- sunny or semi-shady location of your house are perfect for paperomia. Use a flower pot with wholes for sufficient  drainage and water the plant evenly to maintain equal moisture and it also help to mist once in a while. Though you constantly  need to water, it still a perfect plant for fall and cold season because it only need  temperature upper 60 to low  70 degrees.

3 Chain of Hearts

Fleshy  strings like with heart shaped leaves is a delicate beauty which looks stunning trailing from a hanging flower pot or on the shelf. Allow the plant  soil to dry completely between watering  by avoiding too much watering  and good drainage is the key because the roots are prone to rot if too wet .To keep the small heart leaves strong you need to put in the sunniest  spot in the house to thrive.

4 Zanzibar Gem

Hands up for this one, it is the easiest of all indoor plants, no water ,no light needed neglect is the best thing you can do for this dark  green glossy  leaved plant. It thrives on it own  so no worries if your house has no natural lighting or no plant maintenance experience, this one is for you anytime.Also it is looks perfect in an office space.

5 Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera has artistic sculptural appeal that adds a decor touch to any room .The plant  require less care to no care likes humidity  and indirect sunlight, keep the soil evenly moist and not too wet .Select a container with hole for proper drainage  and a larger pot to make it perfect to put on an entry way of a large living room.

6 Ponytail Palm

Resembles our favorite hairstyle pony tail  and brings a boohoo kind of vibe in the room and creates some holiday mood in the house. Easy care plant for it retains water on its trunk so you just need to give them water only time to time or when the soil has dried up like once a month,  just place on a shinny spot and watch it thrive.

7 Rubber Plant

There is no question she is very  pretty on the eyes ,very handy in the kitchen in  keeping your space free of nasty toxins. Low maintenance just a drink once a week and a bright spot out of the sun and she will be happy.

8 Pothos plant

pothos plant

Pathos do well in both bright and in direct light but not direct sunlight , they can do well in dry soil or moist soil making this plant very easy to care for.It very suitable in the bathroom and  office because they are consider poisonous but not very serious,they cause irritation to the skin  for some people and can cause indigestion if eaten by pets, they contain calcium oxalates which is considered toxic to cats,dogs and children.

9 Rhapis ,Areca and Howea forsterian palm plant

Most palm plants are great for putting anywhere in the house but not somewhere with direct sunlight as they will lose their inner and lower fronds,they are very glossy green if healthy which give a well finished look in the house .It best to keep them in a moist spot and avoid over watering especially in low light like fall and winter .

10 Sansevieria or Snake Plant

Incredible house plant even my cat cant get enough of it ,easy care plant  perfect for indirect sunlight and a great air purifier. Very suitable in the bedroom as it releases oxygen at night  and does not require watering until the soil has completely dried out and that can be once a month and once in two months during winter and fall and you got to love the lovely snake pattern.

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