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Activision Blizzard: The Wall Street Journal announces forty departures since July following internal investigations

According to the information from the Wall Street Journal, then confirmed by the publisher, Activision Blizzard would have separated from 37 employees since July and the announcement of the trial brought by the Californian state for harassment, discrimination and Aggression in the workplace. Forty-four other people would have suffered disciplinary sanctions. The newspaper also teaches us that a summary of the actions carried out since the summer in the numbers of Activision Blizzard should have been broadcast publicly before the end of the year holidays. However, the CEO Robert Kick would have chosen to retain it, so as not to give these problems more extent than it would have already covered the public's eyes. This report also evoked receipt of nearly 700 reporting in the workplace since July (some dealing with the same fact). 90% of the latter would have been treated. Elaine Alaska, publisher spokesperson, therefore confirmed the number of departures as well as the disciplina

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