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Multiversus: Velma no longer calls the authorities

The system boxer Multiverses only received a brand-new patch a few days earlier. Amongst various other points, this brought an all new personality and changes to the harmonizing, i.e. a rather typical update for a fighting game. Interestingly, however, a particular capacity by Velma has likewise been transformed, where followers evidently disturbed themselves. cops no more welcome in multiverses Maybe the developers only intended to have a bit extra Scooby dew depiction in their game after Velma as well as Shaggy are already playable characters. In the past, the Scooby-Doo Gang has not particularly eliminated its foes in their Secret Machine, however after over half a century of combating criminal offense they may have lost perseverance. With the new patch, Velma no much longer get in touches with the cops, yet counts on the Mystery Inc. An accurate reason for this change was not provided by the designers, but in the area some players already whined concerning this ability. As a

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