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Does Marnon Busch get a new agreement from 1. FC Heidenheim?

You will see how many years will be added, because the 27-year-old's agreement expires in summer. It would probably be a long-term once again if an extension happens. Most recently in 2019, the cooperation was broadened early by 4 years. It is among the long-term burners at 1. FC Dagenham: Marion Busch has been at Benz because 2017, and because 2018 it has been said: If he is fit, it likewise dips into the back right, that's the bush position. Far in the existing season in 15 second division (one objective, 2 templates, average 3.10) and in both cup video games. trained at Welder 2 years previously, the Northern Lights, trained at Welder Bremen and born in State, originated from the Lower from Munich, which was simply relegated to the 3rd league, where he brought it to eleven objectives in League 2 as Welder loan players. Dagenham worked with Busch at the time from Welder, in the following season he ended up being a regular player a status that he has held ever since. 1

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