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Modern Warfare 2: The change to the multiplayer mode maps that will cause chaos in the games

In a few hours, with reason for the Call of Duty League champion DMZ mode. In turn, everything indicates that developers have already given some indications about the maps that constitute the multiplayer, and more precisely about the topography of these *. A Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer with more chaotic maps In the Call of Duty license, we are used to having many playable maps, all very different, ranging from the smallest and narrow one, to the largest in which you have to run to fall on an enemy (often conducive to champion ). For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, The developers first divided the players into three categories to create a title that could address three game styles to allow each of the categories of players to enjoy how the game should be. As a result, there will be several types of maps with battle maps, as well as the so-called normal maps. For the battle maps , players will face a large-scale environment. The developers said they learned a lot from that of

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