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FALL GUYS Basic play free of charge. 20 million people play in 2 days, while others are dissatisfied

Developer MediaTonic announced on June 26 that the number of players in two days after the basic play of Fall Guys has reached 20 million. This work was free to play on June 21, and on the same day, the PC version shifted to the Epic Games store. Each console version has also been distributed. Fall Guys is an online battle royal action game where up to 60 players compete until they become the last 1. It was released ahead of PC (Steam)/PS4 in 2020 and gained great popularity. After that, content was added and updated in the season format. And from June 21 this month, the PC version distribution platform will be transferred to the Epic Games store and basic play will be free. On the same day, it was also available for PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch. What MediaTonic announced this time is the total number of players in two days, suggesting that the extraordinary number of people played this work due to basic play free and console deployment. In the Steam version, whi

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